Ban Tubetype atau Ban Tubeless? Cari Tau Keunggulannya Yuk!
20 September 2019

Tires are an important component of the motorcycle. Currently there are 2 types of motorcycle tires in circulation, namely tubeless tires and tubetype tires. Maybe you are still confused about the benefits of tubetype and tubeless tires. Both tubeless and tubetype have their advantages.

MPM Parts summarizes the advantages of tubetype and tubeless tires, namely:

Tubetype Tires

- More comfortable to use on uneven roads

Tubetype tires have a softer texture so they are more comfortable to use on less good roads.

- Suitable for use on alloy wheels

Tubetype tires are a type of tire that is suitable for motorcycles that have alloy wheels.

- Lower prices

Because tubetype tires are conventional tires, the price is cheaper than tubeless tires.

Tubeless Tires

- More leakproof

When a tubeless tire is hit by a nail, the tire can still be used up to the garage to patch it. Tubeless tires do not immediately deflate when punctured by a nail.

- Tire texture is harder

Tubeless tires have a hard texture so tires tend to be more durable to use.

- More comfortable to use on a smooth road

Because of its hard texture, tubeless tires are comfortable to use on a smooth road.

Those are some of the advantages of tubetype and tubeless tires. Make sure your motorcycle uses quality tires. For you the tubetype team select the inner tube from Bolt and for you the tubeless team select the tire from Michelin. Bolt and Michelin are brands distributed by MPM Parts. The Michelin tire variant consists of several products, namely:

• Michelin City Grip

The first scooter tire equipped with sipes, MICHELIN City Grip is the reference tire * selected by most major scooter manufacturers.

• Michelin Pilot Street

Designed for small engine motorbikes, MICHELIN Pilot Street tires are perfect for everyday use in the city.

• Michelin Sirac Street

• Michelin City Grip Pro

• Michelin Pilot GP

Always check the condition of your motorcycle tires in proper condition! For more product information, visit outlets that work with MPM Parts or click www.mpm-parts.com.